Meet The Committee

Click the arrows to scroll through the committee:

  • Kevin Gourlay
    Kevin Gourlay
  • Doug Kerr
    Doug Kerr
    Head Coach
  • Gill Lillywhite
    Gill Lillywhite
    Secretary and Competitions
  • Stuart Playford
    Stuart Playford
  • Nina Stebbing
    Nina Stebbing
    Welfare Officer
  • Diane Gooch
    Diane Gooch
    Membership Officer
  • Jo Cheeseright
    Jo Cheeseright
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Carol Townsend
    Carol Townsend
  • Stuart Blackman
    Stuart Blackman
    Officals Secretary
  • Sid Fage
    Sid Fage
    Water Polo

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